Offside Gallery

Open on Saturdays and Sundays


OFFSIDE GALLERY is an urban art gallery that displays work that established or emerging artists from around the world have painted directly on the walls of Groupama Stadium. It was created in 2018 to introduce urban art to the general public and make a lasting impression on current and future generations. The works are exclusively created on-site, offering visitors an experience similar to what they would see in the streets, since the stadium’s distinctive architecture is ideal for expressing the essence of urban culture. OFFSIDE GALLERY is a kind of creative laboratory that embodies the popularity and universality of Street Art. It will appeal to both purists and a very wide audience.


This ultramodern stadium was designed as a multi-functional compound whose urban architectural style offers infinite possibilities, a “city in the city”. It was inaugurated in 2016, and plays host to the biggest cultural events, making it the ideal backdrop for artists representing a movement that was born in the streets.


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Visitors can tour the gallery all year long on Saturdays and Sundays

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Welcoming new artists each month, and this over several years, the perpetual change of the gallery assures the public a constantly renewed experience

Offside Gallery


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What a great pleasure to see you arrive by the thousands last Saturday for the opening of the Offside Gallery. After months of work, the adventure becomes concrete thanks to…
Offside Gallery

Avant première Offside Gallery

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Le collectif lyonnais Birdy Kids et le Groupama Stadium ont inauguré hier soir l’Offside Gallery en présence du Président Jean-Michel Aulas et du Stadium Manager Xavier Pierrot. (more…)

Inauguration publique

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Offside Gallery vous invite à son inauguration le samedi 6 octobre 2018 au Groupama Stadium. (more…)