Biography of Ynot

Born in 1991, Tony is a young painter from the Lyon region.

As a teenager, Ynot was a novice in art, for he did not come from an artistic family or one that had a strong cultural background. Self-taught, he developed a colourful style with Pop and cartoon accents, both in the street and the studio or gallery. His technique is focused on colours and shapes. He combines figurative and abstract aspects that are interspersed with lettering. The artist captivates the viewer by the force of attraction and the variety of emotion offered by a face looking out. That is generally the main focus of his art.

His works are composed like a patchwork, as if several layers of paper had been stacked up, worn away, and torn over time. Viewers can break down the various layers that appeal to a memory, situation, or emotion, with these layers leading to free interpretation according to their experience or their feelings at the moment. In his art, Ynot likes to tell stories in a tone that is both folksy and iconoclastic. He adds a touch of “glamour Pop” that his art is known for.

Composed like a patchwork, this piece combines typography, patterns, and figures in balanced fashion. He uses quite a wide range of colours in order to contrast with the grey masses around us. Two sets of gazing eyes correspond to each other in this artwork. I’ll leave the viewer free to interpret the emotion that is expressed. We see bits of crumpled paper that illustrate a past memory that is wished forgotten. One pattern recalls Van Gogh’s “Starry Night.” Another is composed of dots and refers to Pop Art and to the style of the eyes. In the middle, the typographical design “Ynot” refers to the basis of graffiti, the tag.