Biography of Mlle Terite

After studying product design in Nevers and graphic design at the School of Fine Arts, Sandrine Barrois, alias Mlle Terite, became a visual artist. She lives in the Pilat mountain range, a veritable source of inspiration and an ideal playing field in which to develop new creations. She enjoys working with different materials, and mixes drawing, cut-up paper, and installations. Mlle Terite is primarily inspired by the natural world, as well as her childhood and the associated memories. The result is sensitive and poetic works in which nature predominates. Since the end of 2017, she has officially been working with the artist Monsta as part of the duo “Enfants Sauvages” (Wild Children).


Bring nature back to places where we no longer expect it, and help it take back ownership of the space. By representing nature in disproportionate terms, the idea is to make humans understand that they will never denominate it.