Biography of Agrume

Agrume began his artistic practice with illustration and soon discovered multiple areas of interest. Collage was a way to develop his work on paper and to present and connect it to an audience. Cities and their atmosphere, colours, and architecture are all starting points leading to many stories. Urban practice inscribes his work more in reality and connects it to society. Starting with words and stories, images are revealed, and from them there emerges a world, an atmosphere. The poetry of an image is enacted and displays an emotion as its flag. That’s when absurd situations, dreamlike images, scenes of tales or sweetness, romantic tones and melancholy atmospheres attract and complement each other. This synthesis highlights and questions the place of the human being in the world, its nature and its behaviour: childhood and its memories, lies and mysteries, animals and plants, what’s ephemeral and the beauty of the moment.

Swallows waltz around, mastering the sky in an unplanned dance, their wings feeling for the wind, a current, to take them to the unknown. I imagine simply that birds are meant to fly.

And a cage is meant to be broken.